Making Democracy Work

Making Retirement Reform Happen

Action you can take

Call, write, speak before City Council

How can you help make retirement system reform happen?

Contact your City Council Member

Your City Council Member needs to hear from constituents who support change. Click here to find the contact information for your representative.

Ways to make your opinions known to your Council Member:

  • Call. Ask to speak with the staff member who works on city employee retirement benefit issues and tell that person that that you support the League of Women Voters' proposals for reducing the costs of the City's retirement systems. Tell the staff member that you want to see your Councilmember vote for retirement benefit reform to help balance the city budget over the long run.

  • Email or send a letter to your Council Member. Click here to see a sample letter.

Would you like to receive updates on the League's work on retirement system reform?

Just email us at with the word PENSIONS in the subject line. We will add you to our email list.

Would you be willing to have the League ask you to attend a City Council meeting when a major vote on this issue will be on the City Council's agenda? If yes, please send your contact information to .

Sample letter

Here is a sample letter. You could add to it by describing the City services you don't want to lose and why these services are important to you. The very best letters are the ones you compose yourself.

Click here to get your Council Member's address

Dear Councilwoman (or Councilman) (member's name),

I have read about the high costs of the city's retirement benefits for retirees. If these costs continue to rise as projected, they will eliminate important city services.

I support the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles' position that the city must reform the retirement benefits package available to new employees. The League's position favors a fair but more affordable retirement benefits package for city employees. I urge you to vote in favor of reforming the retirement benefits package for new city employees.

Sincerely yours,