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How to Contact Us

Telephone: 213- 368-1616   Fax: 213- 368-1615

Mail: League of Women Voters of Los Angeles
3303 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 310
Los Angeles, CA 90010-1700

Email: [email the League] (general info/questions)

Or contact one of the people below:

Co-President/ Action Chair Elizabeth Ralston [send email]
Co-President Sandra Trutt [send email]
1st Vice President, Ed Fund Chair Mira Hashmall [send email]
2nd Vice President Vacant [send email]
3rd Vice President Vacant [send email]
4th Vice President, Program Chair Maria Montero [send email]
Secretary Cecilia Schlesinger [send email]
Treasurer Martha Sklar [send email]
Board Director, At Large Harriet Borson [send email]
Board Director, At Large Cathe Caraway-Howard [send email]
Board Director, At Large Adriana McNally [send email]
Board Director, Membership Chair Amelia MacRae [send email]
Board Director, At Large Carlos Medina [send email]
Board Director, Voter Service Chair Rosalind Tyson [send email]
Board Director, FaceBook Manager Cynde Willis [send email]
Intern Coordinators Zhita Rea [send email]
Executive Director Raquel Beltran [send email]
Administrative Assistant Marilu Guevara [send email]
VOTER Editor Raquel Beltran [send email]
Smart Voter Support Rosalind Tyson [send email]

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