Making Democracy Work

League of Women Voters of Los Angeles Board of Directors

2013 - 2014 LWVLA Board of Directors

Elizabeth Ralston, President

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Elizabeth Ralston retired from a career in software development and joined the League in 2003. She has served on the League Board since 2004, and is currently serving as Action Chair. She co-chaired the League's study of retirement benefits for employees of the City of Los Angeles, and is a consultant on state and local finance for the League of Women Voters of California. She is also a second-generation League member. Her mother advocated for constitutional reform in Illinois, and Elizabeth would love to see constitutional reform in California.

J. Mira Hashmall, First Vice President/Ed Fund Chair

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Mira Hashmall is an attorney who practices with a boutique litigation firm in Century City. Mira attended the University of California at Berkeley and obtained her law degree from the University of Southern California. She is a current board member of the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles Education Fund, and was part of the committee that planned the Celebrating Leadership Awards Dinner in March 2011.

Maria Montero, Second Vice President/Program Chair

Marķa Montero graduated with a BA from UC Berkeley and an MA from CSULA , both degrees in Political Science. She currently is a lecturer at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills. In the past she has taught at Santa Monica College, El Camino Community College, and Glendale Community College. She also worked as a bilingual teacher for LAUSD. She has lived and taught in London and New Zealand as well. Marķa has been a member of the League for many years. Recently she was an active participant in the 2011 Education Study, and she currently co-chairs the Program Planning Committee and sits on the LWWLA board as secretary.

Neda Bolourchi, Secretary

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Neda Bolourchi graduated from California State University Northridge with a degree in Biology, but her interest in legal matters took her in a different direction. She became a Professional Mediator who served in the Alternative Dispute Resolution department of the Los Angeles Superior Court for the past six years. She has volunteered in numerous projects, such as serving as a Field Coordinator and a Trainer for the Los Angeles Housing Authority's Homeless Count. In 2010 when the United States Census Bureau was recruiting Enumerators, she served as Assistant Crew Leader in her district to aid Iranian Americans. She worked with the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles to create sample ballots in Persian (Farsi). She currently is also working with the League of Women Voters to translate the Voter Service page into Persian.

Martha R. Sklar, Treasurer

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Martha Sklar was born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to Detroit, MI when she was eight and a half years old. Martha has a BA and MA in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Mathematics Education. She taught mathematics at high school and community college levels. Later she entered administration and was a dean of Academic Affairs at Los Angeles City College until her retirement seven years ago. Upon joining the League she joined both the LWVLA and the LWV Ed Fund Boards. Currently she is Treasurer of LWVLA and continues to serve on both boards as well as the Membership Committee. She has two sons, Benjamin and Jonathan.

Amelia MacRae, Membership Chair

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Amelia MacRae moved to L.A. in mid-2011 and currently works in the development department at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. She joined the League specifically to focus on local election reform issues but is excited to be expanding her involvement in other areas as well. Amelia grew up in Portland, OR. In 2005 she earned her BA in Media and Cultural Studies at Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN. She received a Master of Public Administration degree in 2011 from the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs where she majored in Public and Nonprofit Management. A life-long activist and engaged citizen, Amelia is passionate about equal rights, environmental protection, health care, and the power of local governments to improve communities.

Harriet Borson, Director

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Harriet Borson graduated from UCLA with a degree in education and from CSUN with an MA in Child Development/Education Psychology. She taught in LAUSD and in BHUSD. She was a member of the LWV in Los Angeles and then in Beverly Hills in the sixties and seventies. She has always been an involved advocate for the education and health of children and families. Harriet was a long time member of the California State PTA Board serving on the Legislation Action Committee and was Director of Legislation for eight years. During that time she chaired the CSPTA participation in many State Ballot measures. Since rejoining LWV in 2009 she chaired the National Education study 2010-2011 and has presented ballot Pros & Cons and been active with the Voter Service Committee. She has two sons and is grandmother of two grandsons who attend Eugene Oregon Public Schools.

Marjorie Engel, Director

Marjorie Engel currently sits on the Board of the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles where she is Chair of the Climate Change Committee. She has also Co-Chaired the Program Committee and Chaired the Election Integrity Committee. Her interest in election issues led her to join the League where she has been a member for 10 years. Marjorie worked for the City of Santa Monica in economic development and for the Los Angeles Community Design Center, a non-profit providing architectural and planning services to low income communities, as Assistant Director of Planning. Marjorie earned a Masters in Urban Planning at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, UCLA (1979) and an MBA at the Graduate School of Management, UCLA (1981). Marjorie is married with three grown sons.

Adriana McNally, Director

Adriana McNally is a recently retired LAUSD educator of 37 years who served as: Teacher, Counselor, Principal, Director, and as a member of the bargaining unit for administrators. Civically, she has served as Scholarship Chairperson and as immediate past president for the National Association of University Women, Los Angeles Branch. Currently she serves on the board as the Youth Chairperson for the Southwest Section of the National Association of University Women. She is also a member of LWVLA's Running and Winning Committee.

Carlos Medina, Director

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Carlos Medina has lived in Los Angeles for the past 25 years. He has worked as a bookkeeper for local small businesses. For the past five years he has been active with the Los Feliz/Silverlake unit of the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles and has most recently served on the LWVLA Board as Secretary. He will now serve as a Board Director. Locally, Carlos is a member of the ACLU, Library Foundation and Society of Architecture Historians. He and his partner Denis Cagna have lived in Los Feliz for the past 17 years.

Rosalind Tyson, Director

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Rosalind Tyson has been active in LWV Los Angeles for the past year, working with Jean Thomson on sentencing reform in the advocacy arena, and serving as the SmartVoter coordinator for Fran Lapides' Voter Service Committee. Roz retired in 2012 from a 30-year career as a lawyer for the Securities and Exchange Commission; she was the head of the agency's 175-person Los Angeles Regional Office from 2007 to 2012. She is a first-time grandmother and an avid Sierra Club hiker.

Marca Gay, Director

Marca Gay currently provides management consulting services. Before joining the LWVLA Board, Marca served six years as Executive Director of Kehillat Israel ("KI") in Pacific Palisades, the largest Reconstructionist synagogue in North America. Prior to KI, she served as executive director of a nascent nonprofit organization and produced the organization's first awareness-raising educational program at the VA's Wadsworth Theatre. She has also held executive positions at HUC-JIR, an education nonprofit, both nationally and locally, and co-owned a for-profit business. An engaged citizen, Marca is a trained member of LA's Community Emergency Response Team. She provided volunteer assistance to advance efforts of the L.A. County Commission on Human Relations and was recognized by the L.A. City Council for her courageous actions during L.A.'s 1992 civil unrest. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Marca was appointed an ambassador of goodwill by then Governor Bill Clinton. She attended Princeton University, and lived and worked abroad before moving to Los Angeles. Marca serves on the League's Strategic Planning, Finance, and Budget Committees and has oversight responsibility for the League's Election Management Services program.

Rhianon Anderson, Director

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Rhianon Anderson is currently pursuing her Master's in Public Policy at UCLA. After completing her Bachelor's in International Studies at UCSD, she moved to Los Angeles to work for a political consulting firm. There she was involved in the local mayoral, city attorney, and city council races. Following those elections, she decided to step away from candidate campaign work and focus instead on promoting civic engagement at large. She worked in the department of Neighborhood and Community Services in Mayor Villaraigosa's office until beginning school in 2013. Rhianon currently works for Eos Consulting at the LA Area Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of the Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management as well as various women's groups.